Ella Enchanted

Play Synopsis

Pictured: Maia as an Ogre about to sing song about eating Ella

Ella was given the “gift” of obedience as a baby by her wacky fairy godmother, Lucinda. As she grows into a teenager, Ella realizes how dangerous her curse of obedience could be.

Trying to find a way to break the spell, Ella encounters an evil stepmother and her two unpleasant daughters who take horrible advantage of the curse. Despite this, Ella saves Prince Char and his knights from an ogre, leading to a lasting friendship between the two.

My Experience

Being cast in a show at The Des Moines Community Playhouse felt like I had hit the big leagues. With The Playhouse being one of the oldest community theatres in the country, this company has a reputation of putting on theatrical masterpieces. Under the direction of John Viars and Katy Merriman, this show lived up to all the hype and magic.

Pictured: Maia in pink laughing at playing pranks on Ella with her older sister

In the production of Ella Enchanted, I was cast as Olive, Ella’s dimwitted step-sister. This production was so fun to work on, and helped to open so many opportunities within theater. Being part of this children’s show was an incredible experience and gave me the chance to show Iowa my goofier and lovable side.

Much like Rapture, Blister, Burn, my performance as Olive helped to nominate me for another Cloris Award, and a Playhouse Dionysus Award.

Broadway World

On top of the nominations, I received a special mention in Broadway World Magazine, a leading theatrical magazine that showcases talents from all over the country. Opening me up to larger theaters and national coverage.

Pictured: Maia in the middle as purple puppet giant

“With the show having a cast 7 it would be easy to talk about every member of the cast, but I’m going to narrow it down to a few performances that stuck out to me.”

“First is Maia Talarico as Olive, Ella’s dim-witted stepsister. She brought an energy to the sister that grabbed my attention every time she came onstage. Olive did this with the energy and facial expressions she brought to the character. Each time she was onstage, her face lit up. She is a great example of how a person can take a smaller role and make it one that people remember.”

-April 27, DC Felton

Cloris Awards

For a consecutive summer, honored to be invited to the Cloris Awards where Ella Enchanted was nominated for seven awards, and won three.

Pictured: Ella Enchanted cast and creative crew celebrating our win for Best Youth and Family Production.